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Oregon State University

Outstanding Alumni Award Description

The College of Forestry Outstanding Alumni Award was established to acknowledge College of Forestry alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the profession and/or programs of the College over the past year or more.


To recognize outstanding College of Forestry alumni and to foster closer relationships between award winners and students, faculty, staff and other alumni.


All College of Forestry alumni are eligible.

Frequency of award:

Awards are given every year during the Fall Dean's Dinner. Specific date for 2016 to be determined.

Selection Criteria:

  • Award nominees must hold a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree from the College of Forestry at Oregon State University
  • Award nominees must have made outstanding contributions to the profession and/or programs of the College over the past year or more. 

Examples of Outstanding Contributions include:

  • Professional achievement, excellence, impact, and recognition
  • Service to the profession (all professions represented within the College of Forestry are appropriate), to the College of Forestry, and to the community
  • Demonstration of high personal and professional standards
  • Input on key advisory committees
  • Job opportunities for students or graduates
  • Research sites or access to facilities by researchers
  • Leadership in Research Cooperatives

Nomination Process:

Any friends of the College of Forestry alumni, faculty, staff or student may make a nomination (including self-nominations). 

To nominate someone for the 2015 College of Forestry Outstanding Alumnus Award, please send a letter to the appropriate Department Head naming your nominee and explaining why they deserve the award:

  • Forest Ecosystems and Society, 321 Richardson Hall, Corvallis, OR  97331
  • Forest Engineering and Resources Management, 280 Peavy Hall, Corvallis, OR  97331
  • Wood Science & Engineering, 119 Richardson Hall, Corvallis, OR  97331

Nomination deadline June 15.
Departments will complete the selection process by June 15.  Awardees will be recognized at the Fall Deans Dinner each year.  

Previous Recipients