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Oregon State University

Forestry Executive Committee Members

  • Michelle Day, Faculty Research Assistant, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Department (Research Support Faculty Chair)
  • Steve Fitzgerald, Director of the College Research Forests, and Statewide Silviculture Extension Specialist

  • Rakesh Gupta, Professor, Wood Science and Engineering Department (Faculty Representative)
  • Troy Hall, Department Head, Forest Ecosystems and Society Department

  • Eric Hansen, Department Head, Wood Science & Engineering Department

  • Zak Hansen, Director of Development, OSU Foundation

  • Jeff Hatten, Associate Professor, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Department (Faculty Representative)
  • Geoff Huntington, Chief of Staff

  • Jim Johnson, Sr. Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement; Interim Department Head, Forest Engineering, Resources & Management, College of Forestry

  • Michele Justice, Manager of International Programs

  • Melora Park, Research Program Administrator