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Oregon State University

Forestry Executive Committee (FEC)


The Forestry Executive Committee functions as the principal executive-level planning and implementation body for the College of Forestry. The committee: 

* Provides staffing on major decision-making matters for the Dean
* Serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean
* Makes policy recommendations
* Participates in strategic planning
* Provides overall managerial responsibility for implementation of the College of
   Forestry Strategic Plan
* Identifies emerging issues and opportunities
* Oversees staffing levels
* Determines development targets
* Creates new initiatives
* Plans for new facilities
* Manages College Forest acquisitions, functions, and use, including oversight
   of College Forest Advisory Committee
* Coordinates forward-looking enterprises that help set the College of
   Forestry's trajectory
* Maintains budget and financial management and control
* Establishes performance standards and quality expectations for faculty and
* Oversees academic, research, outreach, and Extension programs
* Encourages cross-unit coordination, communication, and collaboration within
   the College of Forestry, across the campus, and with partners outside the
* Resolves routine personnel and staffing issues and routine facilities, space,
   and equipment issues
* Tracks and engages in university-level development and actions
* Identifies topics for Executive Committee meetings, retreats, and other