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Oregon State University

Extended Biography

Thomas Maness
Cheryl Ramberg and Allyn C. Ford Dean
Oregon Forest Research Labortory Director
College of Forestry
Oregon State University
150 D Peavy Hall
Corvallis, OR  97331-5704


Educational Background: 

PhD, 1989, Forest Economics, University of Washington
MS, 1981, Forest Operations, Virginia Tech
BS, 1979, Forest Resources Management, West Virginia University

Areas of Interest:

My research interest is in developing innovative forest policies and practices to balance the production of traditional forest products with society’s expanding need for ecosystem services, energy, and climate mitigation. My research falls in three broad categories:  Strategic Land-use Planning and Forest Tenure Policy, Value Chain Optimization, and Energy and Climate Policy.

Recent Publications:

H. Temesgen, B.N. Eskelson, T.C. Maness, D.M. Adams, and H.E. Burkhart. 2011. Teaching in contemporary forest resources curricula: applications to curses in forest biometrics. (in press.) Journal of Forestry.

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Schwab, O. T.C Maness, G. Q. Bull, and D. Roberts. 2009. Modelling the effect of changing market conditions on mountain pine beetle salvage harvesting and structural changes in the British Columbia forest products industry. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 39:1806-1820.

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Maness, T.C. 2008. The potential for wood energy and the role of government policy. Submitted to Energy Policy November 2008.

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