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The College of Forestry at Oregon State University is one of the world's premier education, research, and outreach institutions that focuses on broad areas related to forest resources.

We have been educating students for over 100 years, offering a breadth of undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors. Our programs are ranked among the very best in the world. Our world-class facilities, combined with remarkable access to local forests and wood products industries, makes us the educational program of choice for the best students.

Dean Maness’ message to prospective students


“Though it is well-known that closed-canopy forests tend to be cooler than open areas, little is known about more subtle temperature differences between mature forest types,” said Sarah Frey, postdoctoral scholar in the OSU College of Forestry and lead author on the study. “We found that the... (more)

The amount of carbon stored in tree trunks, branches, leaves and other biomass — what scientists call “aboveground live carbon” — is determined more by timber harvesting than by any other environmental factor in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, according to a report published by researchers... (more)

Research by Michael Nelson of Oregon State University shows overwhelming support for having wolves on Isle Royale, even if that involves intervention.(more)

The Spring issue of Focus on Forestry includes articles on fire, guitars, students, and more!(more)

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Forestry Executive Committee Meeting

The Forestry Executive Committee Meeting is open to all students, faculty and staff, and we welcome your participation! Our agenda for this meeting includes: (1) Update on Provost’s Transition;…

Successional and disturbance dynamics in the southern Blue Mountains

PhD Dissertation, James (Jim) Johnston candidate for PhD in Forest Science with Dr. Norm Johnson and Dr. John Bailey…

A multi-spatial scale economic analysis of the impacts of bear damage to Douglas-fir on private timberlands in the Pacific Northwest

MS Thesis: Kristina Kline, candidate for MS in Forest Ecosystems and Society with Dr. Jimmy Taylor and Dr. Anita Morzillo…

Ettihad Cultural Festival

The Ettihad Cultural Center is hosting the fourth annual Ettihad Culture Festival on May 15th 2016 from 5pm-8pm at the Memorial Union Quad. This is one of the biggest…

Computing workshop: Data Manipulation in R

Workshop will cover merging datasets on common variables, adding and deleting columns and rows, working with missing values in R, and saving edited datasets. Location: 203…