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2013 College of Forestry Food Drive

2013 Final Food Drive Total

CoF is “Top Banana” in OSU Food Drive for 13th Year

The goal in 2013 was to collect $13,000 during the CoF Food Drive and bring home the “Top Banana” trophy for the 13th consecutive year. 

We not only met but exceeded the first part of the goal earlier this month after collecting $13,748.76 (plus 284 lbs of food) during the February Food Drive. 

And, sure enough, at yesterday’s OSU Food Drive celebration event, the CoF was named “Top Banana” for the 13th consecutive year after collecting the equivalent of 55,279.04 pounds of food to benefit Linn Benton Food Share.  The College of Forestry also received the “Pot of Gold” for the most cash contributed to the cause. 

You can see campus-wide totals by unit at See below for a breakdown of event totals within the CoF.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event such a huge success!  The awards and recognition belong to you!

CoF Food Drive Committee:   Chelsey Durling, FERM; Jessica Fontaine, FES; Angela Haney, FERM; Julie Howard, Dean's Office; Kira Hughes, Student Services; Sara Lawrence, WSE; Connie Patterson, FES; Karla Rhoads, WSE; Terralyn Vandetta, Computing Group, Penny Wright, Business Center

WE DID IT -- Thanks, Everyone!

CoF Final Food Drive Total:  $13,748.76!

$   253.40      Week 1 Bake Sale         
$   408.50      Week 1 Soup Lunch (FERM)
$   429.00      Week 2 Soup Lunch (WSE)
$     25.00      Individual Donation
$   471.56      Week 3 Soup Lunch (Admin.)
$   666.50      Week 3 Silent Auction (FERM)
$   318.79      Week 3 Bake Sale (FERM)
$   250.00      Week 3 Individual Donations
$   413.10      Week 3 Book Sale (FES)
$   495.42      Week 4 Soup Lunch (FES)
$   536.20      Week 4 FES DH Challenge
$   255.00      Week 4 Individual Donations
$   123.00      Week 5 International Lunch
$   500.29      Week 5 Forestry Club Lunch
$   690.00      Week 5 Individual Donations
$   857.00      Quilt Raffle Sales (Computer)
$ 6692.76
$ 7056.00       2013 Direct Deposit

$13748.76     $748.76 over goal of $13,000!

List of all OSU Food Drive results


2013 College of Forestry Food Drive Scheduled for
January 28-March 1, 2013

Lucky #13!

In addition to OSU’s Food Drive theme, “The Race to End Hunger,” our own CoF theme will focus on “Lucky #13” -- not only are we in the year 2013, we’ve set a goal of $13,000, and we’re hoping to earn OSU’s Top Banana Award for the 13th straight year!

Check back for weekly progress reports and other information of interest, or to download the schedule of events, a direct deposit contribution form, or a cash donation form:

2013 Schedule of Events
Quilt Raffle Information
Direct Deposit Contribution Form
Cash Donation Form
OSU Food Drive Web Page

Questions?  Contact:

2013 Food Drive Graphic


Ready?  Set?  Go!!!



2012 Results:

College of Forestry Wins "Top Banana" Award for 12th Consecutive Year; OSU Food Drive Surpasses Goal with 635,845 Pounds of Food

For the 12th consecutive year, the College of Forestry will receive OSU's "Top Banana" Award on Wednesday, after collecting 56,962.05 pounds of food for Linn Benton Food Share.  It was close.  The Foundation, with only 114 employees to our 174 CoF employees, collected 52,375.70 pounds of food.

Next year will be a challenge -- but it's all GREAT news for Linn Benton Food Share!

The OSU Food Drive goal this year was to collect a campus-wide total of 580,000 pounds of food, an amount exceeded by more than 55,000 with a final total of 635,845 pounds of food.

Special thanks go out to the CoF Food Drive Planning Committee and everyone else who either pitched in or donated generously to help make this year's Food Drive another outstanding success.

Here are the official 2012 OSU Food Drive Results.